Environmental Consulting, with real-world solutions

Land Management Group, Inc. (LMG) was established in 1991 by various professionals with different backgrounds in order to offer an array of environmental services throughout the Southeast. Our mission simply is based on solving our client’s environmental needs in the most honest, scientific and efficient manner. LMG is comprised of an interdisciplinary staff of professionals with expertise in wetland science, geology, soil science, and marine biology. Our team uses its combined regulatory knowledge and technical skills to solve both common and difficult environmental issues facing our clients. Over time, our strong work ethic and dedication to scientific accuracy has made LMG a leader in environmental assessment, mapping, monitoring and permitting.


Wetland Delineations - Through onsite evaluations of soils, hydrology and vegetation, Land Management...read more

404/401 Wetland Permits - Wetlands and other Waters of the U.S. are regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers...read more

Stormwater Evaluations - Every stormwater project starts with a firm understanding of the governing soil types and...read more

Hydrogeological, Hydrology and Mining - Land Management Group, Inc. performs groundwater modeling for the purpose of...read more

CAMA PermitsProjects requiring CAMA permitting include marinas, private piers, bulkheads, boat ramps, dredging and beach re-nourishment...read more

Wastewater Dispersal - Every wastewater project starts with a firm understanding of the governing soil types...read more

Phase I & Phase II ESA's - LMG is capable of performing All Appropriate Inquiry Phase I Environmental...read more

Wetland Mitigation - Our mitigation plans utilize a combination of wetland compensation techniques...read more

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